1. IntroductionΒΆ


The Sentinel-2 Global Mosaic service offers mosaic surface reflectance products derived from the Sentinel-2 A and B platforms. Input to the processing are the Level 2A (L2A) products provided by the Copernicus Ground Segment, i.e. ESA Sentinel-2 core products. The S2GM service generates regional and temporal composites at global scale and produced on-demand over specific areas of interest. Mosaics consist of best representative spectra for a given pixel location and compositing period, ensuring the consistency of spectra and thus the radiometric quality of the products.

The mosaics can be configured with the following options:

  • Compositing Period: Year, Quarter, Month, Ten Days, Day
  • Image Format: Geo Tiff, JPEG 2000, NetCDF
  • Resolution: 10m, 20m, 60m
  • Coordinate System: WGS 84, UTM

Users of the Sentinel-2 Global Mosaic (S2GM) service benefit from a convenient configuration and request process in the Mosaic Hub, the powerful user interface to the service, and the analysis-ready products, which allow for instant further thematic processing.

This manual enables new users of the Sentinel-2 Global Mosaic to fully exploit the capabilities of the service. It contains a guide on the usage of The Mosaic Hub, an overview of the Mosaicking Algorithms used to generate mosaics, and a Product Guide, which elaborates on content, format, and usage of the mosaics. In addition to this user manual, expert users are referred to the [S2GMATBD].

For any questions that remain unanswered by this document or any other issues S2GM users are kindly referred to the User Support. We are keen to learn more about your experiences to further improve the Sentinel-2 Global Mosaic service!