5. Constraints

5.1. Product quality

The quality of the Sentinel-2 Global Mosaic data is depending on the quality of the official Sentinel-2 L2A products used as inputs. The S2GM Mosaic Hub utilizes the products as they are provided by the Copernicus service, including the contained scene classification. Deficits (commission and omission errors) in the quality of the scene classification affect the outputs of the Mosaic Hub.

Known Issues

  • Cloud border often visible (especially short periods)
  • Swath boarder artefacts
  • Replaced clouds are visible caused by exchanged surface reflectance values
  • Selection of undetected or clouds classified as snow

5.2. 1 Mio square km direct order limit

In case the bounding box of the order area includes more than 1 million m², product size will be very large and processing time may be considerable. In this case, we will get in touch with you in order identify the best way of production scheduling and product distribution.

5.3. Minimum bandwidth of 200 Mbit/s

The S2GM Mosaic Hub provides a minimum bandwidth of 200 Mbit/s for the data download. The bandwidth is shared by all simultaneous downloads.